Miperval offers in its catalogue a series of magnets of different diameter and appearance.

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Magnets - Miperval

Magnets have different uses: perfect for guaranteeing an almost tight closing to bags, handbags and containers of different types, they are often used in the clothing, accessories and shoes sectors, and also to make belts. Miperval, a company of Varese that manufactures mainly small metal parts and one of the best operators in this category, can supply its customers with all the components necessary to make excellent accessories, dresses or metal or fabric items of several types.

Magnets, which are often used to give a special touch to sweatshirts, shirts, casual trousers, are more convenient than other types of products, because they can be inserted without punching holes in the fabric, making the item more lively and colorful, or underlining a particular detail of the item.

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Miperval offers its customers an extensive catalog of magnets for clothing and leather goods, in different sizes and materials, which are designed to complete a closing or to make the item unique and special.

The company, whose factory is in Arcisate, in the province of Varese, proposes several products made of brass, stainless steel or other metallic materials, offering a large range of options to those who are looking for quality and sensational details. A special working or a different finish can be asked besides those proposed in the company's catalog: this way, Miperval follows its customers at every step, from the quote to the final product, with great professionalism and expertise.

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Miperval has been in this sector since 1938 and is a landmark for small and large handicraft companies. The company is located in Arcisate (VA), via Cavour, 100- 21051 Italy. To call staff and managers and get more information, call Tel. +39 0332 471.490 - +39 0332 472.979, or send a fax to +39 0332 473.621. Customer can also send an e-mail to miperval@tin.it.

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Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 100,
21051 Arcisate VA

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Tel: (+39) 0332 471.490
Fax: (+39) 0332 473.621

Email: info@miperval.it
Pec: miperval.snc@cert.cna.it

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 12:00 | 13:30 - 17:30
Saturday - Sunday: Closed